Friday, April 1, 2016

Batman v Superman

"Oh, Come On!!" My initial reaction to the fight scene from the movie Batman v Superman.

WARNING! POSSIBLE SPOILERS! (Via an unimportant Geek semi-rant)

Ok, I've made it no secret to anyone who really knows me - or to anyone who has any interest at all to anything I write - that I am definitely a Team Superman geek. But it's honestly not bias that prompts this semi-rant, it's the lack of DC Universe common sense. (I love you guys btw, but geez!)

When one walks into a theater and views that Batman v Superman movie poster - I know, there are several versions - one is led to believe that Batman can be on the same level of power as Superman. The illogic being that an aging man in a metal bat-suit with gadgets can defeat an almost invincible god. The movie does seem to imply that Superman could have easily beaten Batman at the onset of their short battle, Superman even shouts, "Stay down! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already." But that's about where the common sense ceases. If you haven't seen the movie, you may not want to keep reading at this point. Go ahead, look away now, while you still can. Still reading? Thank you for that! I usually assume no one will actually read any of my blog posts, but yeah, I post them sometimes anyway. But, I digress...

The fight ends with Batman's metal boot on Superman's throat. The movie obviously taking it's cue from Frank Miller's graphic novel - The Dark Knight Returns. (Yes, I read it.) But I can't put all the lack of logic on Mr. Miller, it seems DC in general has accepted the notion that a man can simply put on a Bat-suit - metal or otherwise - and with the use of bat belt gadgets and the usual never-fail kryptonite, beat a super-powered Krytonian with all the abilities of a Greek God. (As evidenced via many other issues of DC comics where Batman always seems to get the drop on an apparently hapless "Super" man. It's annoying.)

Maybe it's the martial artist in me, or maybe the thought just never seems to occur in the minds of the DC writers, if so, I would like to take this time to write a few scenarios of my own as to how an actual "battle" between the two would proceed using the "logic" of the very well establish abilities and powers associated with these two characters. Ready for some "Truth"?


Superman would win - easily win - each and every time. (Especially if he weren't so polite and concerned about actually "hurting" Batman. They don't refer to him as a "boyscout" for nothing.) And the main power he would have to use would be his super speed.

Scenario One - Batman stands ready in his fully armored Bat suit. Superman stands several feet away facing him. (Recall the "Flash" of DC and "Quicksilver" of Marvel. How would they fight Batman? Recall how they can move faster than the human eye can see.) Then Superman, moving "faster than a speeding bullet", grabs Batman, and takes straight up several thousand feet into the air in an instant. The fight is now over. Anything Batman does at this point - at the least - results in very serious injury - and at the worse - death. Basically, all Superman has to do now is let go and watch Batman plummet. So, unless the armored Bat suit can also fly - which it did not in the movie - the fight is over in a matter of seconds, and that was the "humane" scenario.

Scenario Two - Batman stands ready in his fully armored Bat suit. Superman stands several feet away facing him. Superman, moving "faster than a speeding bullet", grabs Batman, and throws him a mile into the air. Or more, throws him into outer space. The end.

Scenario Three - (Keeping in mind the scene from "Avenger's Age of Ultron" where Quicksilver not only disarms - but also neatly arranges the bullets on a table of a gun pointed at him. And the scene from "X-Men: Days of Future Past" where a younger, alternate Quicksilver, has time to rearrange the positions of multiple attackers - and taste some food - as he speeds around them and quickly ends a confrontation in the blink of an eye.)  Batman stands ready in his fully armored Bat suit. Superman stands several feet away facing him. Superman, moving "faster than a speeding bullet" leaves Batman standing in bewilderment as his armored batsuit is now piled neatly beside him while he shivers on the rooftop in his bat-boxer briefs. Probably the most humane way to deal with a Batman dead set on killing him, I think.

There can be many more scenarios like the aforementioned above, but I think the point has been made clear. If I had such super speed I wouldn't give my opponent any time to whip out kryptonite weapons, or formulate a plan or trap. It would be over in seconds. But I suppose that wouldn't make a very good movie now would it? Nor would it sell more issues. A one page Batman v Superman comic doesn't sound like a must have.

But do you know what DOES sound like a Must Have? My upcoming graphic novel - "Teiwaz"!

"Before Odin, before Thor, there was only Tyr,
who later became known as Teiwaz!"
-- From Teiwaz
A graphic novel by John Pagan

Sorry for the shameless plug, but this is my blog page after all. :)  The love story is touching, and the fight scenes are bad ass and maintain the logic! :)  I hope you will enjoy my new graphic novel Teiwaz which will be available soon! Check this blog for the announcement. And thank you for reading this!

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